Superficial Separations Meet Surgical Reflections

Originally published in In-Training Magazine March 8, 2018.

Open abdomens.
Idealized organs from Netter’s in the flesh.
Vibrant colors and varied textures independent of race, religion, or creed.
Gallbladder and pancreas locations,
While anatomical variations do exist:
Thyroid ima artery, cervical rib.
Clinical significance is often statistically mute.
No difference exists between you and me.
Under the scalpel, after the retractors,
We are the same.
So when they close, and the skin is sutured tight,
And, the color on the outside comes to light.
One may realize what was black, Asian, or white.
In the operating room, under the knife,
A human is a human.
Our superficial separations unfounded.


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